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Elevate your embroidery game with our image digitization service. We specialize in transforming your designs, logos, and artwork into precise digital formats ready for flawless embroidery. Our skilled digitizers meticulously convert every detail into a format that embroidery machines understand, ensuring your creations come to life with stunning accuracy and intricate texture. From corporate branding to personalized gifts, our digitized images ensure your embroidery project radiates professionalism and craftsmanship.

Experience the art of embroidery like never before with our seamless and expertly crafted digitization process.

Please upload your image during the checkout process or send your file via email to orders@epicdreammediagroup.com, with your order number in the subject field after placing your order. Failure to include your order number with your file may result in delays.

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Image digitizing services. Includes embroidery file formats (.pes, .emb, .dst)


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